Welcome Team Members

This is an essential oil private member education site for those in the organization of Essential Living Consultants. This is a gift to the members of the Oil Dab-a-Doers Team. This is a PRIVATE area for you. You may have noticed that you have to be invited to this member area. If you are not a member of our Team and are interested, please click here. If you are a member, you need an invitation code, Send us an email.

This information provided here cannot be copied to be used in the public which would include Facebook. any social media outlets, or websites. Due to compliance issues that we must comply with , what you learn here cannot be used to promote Young Living essential oils or any of the oil infused products in public. However, what you say to a private party in person, over the phone (to a singular party) or in the privacy of your home or anybody else’s home, is considered private and is okay to say.

We hope you enjoy this member center. This is an ongoing work in progress.